Annie Brogdon
Vocals  •  Guitar  •  Piano  •  Bass

Annie’s background in music started at quite a young age. Having grown up to an eclectic music mix, Annie came to appreciate classic rock, blues, progressive rock, classical piano and Spanish music before even starting piano lessons at six years old.  Within a few more years, she started flute and guitar. Her music repertoire also now includes vocals, songwriting and bass. 


With a strong instrumentation background and several years of live performances, Annie is a guitarist, vocalist and the spokesperson for the duet. She has been recognized by audiences and her music mentors for her strong guitar skills, perfect pitch and her abilities to write music well beyond her years. 


During high school, Annie worked as an independent music instructor for piano and guitar. She is currently a honors college senior at the University of Houston, majoring in both education and psychology. 

Kate Brogdon
Vocals  •  Piano  •  Percussion

Kate has been singing pretty much all her life.  She was always humming, singing with pretend microphones, belting out songs even as a toddler. Now she sings, writes songs and plays percussion for the duet. With piano lessons starting at age six, Kate has developed her instrumentation to also include clarinet, and a little guitar. She is also a strong drummer and percussionist, and has been noted by audiences and fellow musicians as a natural who brings an obvious passion for the djembe and cajon. With musical influences of rock, classic tunes, rhythm and blues, and Latin music, Kate also started vocal training at the age of seven. Her powerhouse voice has often been compared to the likes of Adele, Ann Wilson and Grace Potter. Kate has also written several songs for the duet, including their award winning song  "My Own Way."  She is also the gear and soundperson for the duo. 


In high school, Kate studied music theory and musical theater, and participated in mock trials with her law classes.  She is also a senior at the University of Houston, majoring in psychology with a minor in English.