Annie & Kate are an indie pop/rock, acoustic duo from Austin, TX  who have been performing for over nine years. They are fraternal twins, and each are multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and songwriters. Together they perform with a signature blend of harmonies, and have recorded three original EPs/albums. They've been in music for most of their lives, starting out with piano lessons at six years old. Over their childhood and early teen years, they added more instruments and participated in several teen bands, and later decided to focus on performing as a duo. Since that time, they have performed at many notable venues in the Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas areas, have become voting members of the Grammys, been featured on radio and tv, and have received many music awards and accolades. 

Annie and Kate are currently attending college in the Houston area, and continue to perform there and in Austin. 

Acoustic Indie Pop/Rock
Founded in August 2011
Austin  ·  Houston  ·  San Antonio
Annie Brogdon
Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Kate Brogdon
Vocals, Percussion & Keyboards
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