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A Little White Lie and A Legacy

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! This past Friday, we performed our song "Legacy" for the first time acoustically in public. And we had to tell a little white lie to do it too! Kate and I wanted to surprise our mom with it, so we changed up the set list while we were on stage. (Our dad was in on it though ... it's more fun that way)! Surprise, Mom!! :)

Just a little history on this song ... this time last year, we were on the tail end of recording our CD Running Out Of Time. At that point, we only had seven songs on it, and we weren't sure if we were going to add one more or not. Around the time Kate was recording the title track, someone asked me if I had one more song to sing in my life, what would it be? After thinking about it for a while, I wrote this song about the legacy we would like to leave behind with our music. So for those of you out there who believe in making your mark on the world and leaving a legacy, we hope you join us in making ours. We love you guys! Have a rockin' week!

- Annie

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