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What's In A Name? | Twinesday #3

Hi everyone! It’s late, but we didn’t forget … it’s Twinesday! No song tonight, but rather we thought we’d share a little story about our beloved instruments. As you may know, we name all of them. It may be corny, but we feel that it brings us closer to them. We each have several, so kinda a long post, but we wanted to share! Here’s how they got their names:


We named one of our keyboard Elvio, because Annie sang on stage with Chris Daughtry and Elvio was the keyboardist for him.

We named our baby grand piano after, guess who? Elton John! I mean, obviously. :) The piano’s name is Elton, and he’s an awesome piano, still in tune and sounds beautiful.

Ebony is our smallest keyboard, and she’s currently hanging out in my room. We named her Ebony because the piano keys are black and white -- ebony and ivory. She’s an all black keyboard, so it seemed fitting.

​Elise is the most used keyboard. We take her to all of our gigs. She’s named after Beethoven’s Für Elise. Which, fun fact, was written for a girl! Für = For. For Elise.

Alexa was my first ever hand drum. She was a silver, miniature djembe (a type of African handdrum). Unfortunately, her skin snapped during on of gigs about a year and a half ago. She was fixed, but she never sounded the same. :( Alexa was named after my first hand drum teacher, Alex.

​So I got ZZ! ZZ is my bigger djembe, my baby. I’m so protective of her, I won’t let anyone else touch her. She’s named after ZZ Top and ZZ Ward, because I love both of their musical stylings.

[Annie]: Here are our reasons for naming all of our guitars!

Bella, my Jackson electric, was among the first of our musical family. She got her name because Bella is a Spanish word for pretty, which is fitting with her greenish-gold tint in the sunlight. And yes, we were in out Twilight phase...(don’t blame us, we were ten!)

​Steely, my Epiphone Les Paul electric, often gets mistaken for being named after Steely Dan. Not so. He was named after Daughtry’s guitarist Josh Steely, who we saw in concert just before we bought him. We absolutely loved his work on all of the Daughtry albums, and after meeting him we learned what a super nice guy he is.

Only fitting with her being an electric PRS Santana, Maria is named after the Santana song “Maria Maria”, and is also taken from my full name, Annemarie.

H​ayley, my Ibanez acoustic, was named after Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams. We became Paramore fans around the time we started singing in bands, and we have covered songs such as The Only Exception and That’s What You Get.

Nancy, my Tim Armstrong Fender acoustic, was named after Nancy Wilson from Heart. We grew up listening to them all of our lives, and once we started singing together people told us how we sounded like them because of their sisterly musicianship. We had just finished their autobiography, Kicking and Screaming, around the time we bought Nancy.

heryl, my acoustic Ovation, was named after musical influence of ours growing up, Sheryl Crow. We won Sheryl as a prize from the International House of Blues Foundation contest we participated in December 2013.

Jonny is technically our dad’s guitar, but he loaned him to me for a short time before I got Bella, which is why he’s named after our dad, Jonathan. We played our first gig ever with our band with him in October 2009.

Alaina is Kate’s first guitar who she named after Lauren Alaina a year after she was on American Idol (we’ve been watching on and off since we were little).

Thanks for checking out our blog! Have a rockin’ rest of the week! ~ A&K


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