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The Story of Man In The Mask | Twinsday #5

A few weeks ago we were interviewed by Up Late Austin, and got to perform several songs on the show. One of our originals we sang is our song, Man In The Mask. We get asked about this one often. The biggest question we get about it is "so, who is the Man In The Mask?" After all the comments and jokes we get about the Man being a superhero, we usually explain that it's really a song with no one person in particular in mind. It's really more about anyone who is in a difficult relationship, and there's a significant person -- a parent, a relative, a trusted friend - who helps you to realize that situation is not what it may seem, and he or she helps you to move on. The "Man In The Mask" is really anyone who helps you to "see the light" and realize that "it's not too late to make our escape."

This is a video of us performing the song on the show. Thanks so much to Jake Martin at Up Late Austin for sharing this with us!

Hope you enjoy the song! ~ A&K

"Today, I saw the light, I finally found the way to go, won't let it pass me by." -- "Man In The Mask", Running Out Of Time, Annie & Kate, 2014

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