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Love and Thanks | Twinsday #6

There are days when we love music. It is so much a part of us that it's like an essential part of our being. But there are days when music is more than just music ... it has become the six string and 88 key road to the life that we have. Our musical journey has given us many gifts for which we are very grateful. Not only do we get to play the music that we love, but we have been very lucky and honored by the opportunities that we have received. This week, some really cool things have happened for us. We may have gotten to this point as a team, but we know that we couldn't have gotten here without the love from our supporters, family and friends.

For this week's Twinsday, we had planned a video of a favorite cover, but with this being Valentine's week, we wanted to express our love and gratitude to all of you who have supported us and our music! Much love and thanks to you all! ♥ ♥ ~ A&K

"Love is friendship set to MUSIC"


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