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Twinsday #16 • Hugs and Shrugs

Hey everyone! It's been a long day, but Happy Twinsday! We had a fun weekend at a private event, and then were back at the studio for a filming of a new cable channel series from 512 Studios Live! We were one of the featured artists and got to film three songs, including our new one which we're hoping to record this summer!

We hope that you're enjoying our videos in our Twinsday series, but we also want for you to get to know us a little more. So, that brings us to our first installment of our Hugs and Shrugs posts. We'll tell you about some things we've come across that we like, and some things we don't like so much. Hope you'll check it out here:

We'll be performing for our fourth time at the Red Poppy Festival this weekend! Come see us this Saturday at 1PM!

~ A&K


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