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Twinsday #20 • Celebrating A Birthday And A Beginning

Today is a special day for us, in a couple of different ways. First -- it's our birthday!! Today, we turned Sweet Sixteen. We are celebrating with a special dinner and our favorite, Texas sized donut cakes! And we are very happy to have family coming in to visit us for our birthday weekend!

Secondly, today is special because it marks the tenth year that we started music. The picture below to the left is from our sixth birthday party, and the day we received our first keyboard. Little did we know then the incredible journey our life in music would be! We're so happy to share our music with you and for all your wonderful support!

This morning:

Annie: "Happy Birthday Kate!"

Kate: "Happy Birthday sis!"

Both to mom: "When can we eat our cakes?"

Let the music and madness continue! ~ A&K


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