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Twinsday #23 • What Is Old Is New Again

One of the things we remember most about growing up is that even as little kids, we've always been exposed to older music. Even as toddlers taking a ride in our car seats, we were listening, not to kid music or nursery rhymes, but rather, classic rock dating back into the 1970s to current day. Sure, we knew some of the Disney tunes from watching tv, but when we were in the car, it meant we were listening to whatever our parents did.

As we got into rock camps and bands, that phenomenon only seemed to grow. We covered a lot of classic rock, Motown and blues. And when we visited our grandparents, who liked watching American Idol, we became familiar with many of the older songs which were covered on the show. We've grown up liking both current music and older tunes.

This week, one of my best friends gave me a belated birthday gift of a turntable. Whoa ... I'm in love!! He also gave me a couple of vinyl albums of some of my favorites. But the unexpected surprise? My mom still had some old 45s of hers and her brother's put away. We brought those out and listened to them for a long time yesterday afternoon! It was pretty cool going through those. Even though we know many of those songs, it was like hearing them for the first time from those 45s. Love that!

We have several shows coming up, in Cedar Park, San Antonio, Houston and Elgin. We'll be traveling ... kind of a Central Texas summer tour. :) In line with that, we thought these pics would be cool to share!

"Sooner or later, everything old is new again" -- Stephen King, The Colorado Kid

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