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Twinsday #27 • Notes and News

So much seems to have been happening in the past week. When it was all happening in the moment, that didn't really come to mind, but now looking back at the week it kinda came into perspective. Lots to share today ... here's our latest news!

  • Last Thursday we had a great time seeing our friends in U18 Collective during their show. No, we didn't have a gig scheduled with them, but we wanted to see our friends, hear their music, and hang out for fun. We did jam with them at the end of the show though. :) We had Friday and Saturday performances (much thanks to the Tiarra Girls for sharing the stage with us!) and on Sunday we rehearsed some new songs we've been writing and new covers we're looking to do. We enjoyed another music filled, long holiday weekend!

  • In the last few days, we found out that our song "Man In The Mask" is being featured on the Random Radio Podcast Show this week. Check out our Facebook page for more details on that and how to vote for our music on the show!

  • We found out yesterday that tomorrow, July 9, 2015 will officially be "Annie & Kate Day" in our hometown of Round Rock! We're very excited to be receiving this honor!

  • In the last few days, we confirmed a few more upcoming shows. We'll be returning to Hill Country Golf & Guitar on July 25, Red Horn Coffee and Brewing Co. on August 1, and headed back to the Santikos Palladium IMAX Music Series on September 19.

  • On a more personal note, we also finished up our early college classes today! Yay! We're excited to be headed to Houston very soon for our show at Last Concert Cafe this Sunday, our brother's water polo tournament, and to visit family and friends!

That's it for now! Hope you guys have an awesome rest of the week!

~ A&K




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