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A Musical Vacation • Twinsday #28

This week we're on a bit of a vacation. We say "a bit" because even though we're out of town and out of school, we still had a gig and are doing some music things too. It's been a fun trip so far! Besides our show, we have also checked out a couple of other performances, went to the Moody Gardens Aquarium, saw our cousins, went ziplining in Kemah, and just chillaxed.

We also had the opportunity to take a tour of Wire Road Studios. As you may know, we are considering attending school in Houston after we graduate. I'm looking at audio engineering, and wanted to take a look at this local recording studio for a possible internship later on. It was really cool taking a look around and seeing all the awesome studio equipment!

This past Sunday, we had our debut performance at Last Concert Cafe, which is a speak easy kind of place with a lot of history. Open since 1949! Had a fun show! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us!

Here are some pics from our trip and our show! Have a great rest of the week! ~ A&K

Had to take a pic by this ... "I'm standing on a ferris wheel" (from our song Man In The Mask). This was about the closest to standing BY a ferris wheel as we were going to get!

Taking the tour at Wire Road Studios!

A new favorite pic of our twin music friends Dawn and Sara, us, and our music friend Emily Cole at Last Concert Cafe.

Is this background from Last Concert Cafe cool or what?

Hanging at the Moody Gardens Aquarium. It's shark week, you know!

Singing background vocals with Sara for her twin sis, Dawn, at Main Street Crossing. ♫

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