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Our 200th Show • Twinsday #29

Hey everyone! We came across a realization in the last several days. As we were putting together an application for a music festival, we realized that we are coming up on our 200th gig and that in August, it will be the fourth anniversary of us being a musical duet!! Pretty hard to believe!

In reflecting on those things, we also realized that so much has changed since we first started our music journey. We've added other string instruments to try out different things. We've added a big change in having the variety of percussion instruments that Kate plays. Djembe, conga and cajon have really allowed us to fill out our sound. Early on, we added in what is still our favorite thing to do -- harmonies. We love it when people say it's their favorite thing about us. That's always been pretty exciting!

Our music goals have also changed over time. In the first few months, things were happening so fast and we still didn't know where exactly we wanted to go with this duo. It was just something fun for us to do in the beginning and a way for us to continue something that has always been important to us. After a while, we realized that it had become something more than that. Music is our self expression, our identities, what makes us happy. Gigging together, writing and producing songs together, and doing what we do, have shaped our goals for musical careers. We hope to still be performing and making music, but we also have our respective goals in music business and audio engineering.

We will be celebrating this milestone soon! This Saturday, we will have our 200th gig at Red Horn Coffee and Brewing Co. in Cedar Park, starting at 8PM. We will be playing our new song, "My Own Way", which is scheduled to be recorded later in August, with a music video in September. We hope you'll come out, check out the new song, and celebrate with us! If you can't make it, we'll be streaming it live on Periscope, so be sure to download the app, look for us and enjoy!

~ A&K

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