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What's Going On • Twinsday #37

Hi everyone! We were bad and didn't make a post last week, but we had some cool things happen to us in the past few weeks. Check it out ...​

In case you haven't seen the video or heard the news, we got an opportunity to sing with a band who we have followed for quite some time. When we first started our musical beginnings, we listened to this band, and have covered one of their songs in our sets over the years. They were in town recently, and the morning of the show, we received news that we were going to get to sing that song with them. It was an awesome experience and we're so appreciative to Antigone Rising for the opportunity! Here's a video of us singing their song "Don't Look Back" with them!

On the new music front, we're in the process of submitting all the final artwork and music for digital distribution. Look for "My Own Way" on digital release around November 21. We'll be releasing a few previews on the song and video soon!

We've got a few Halloween shows coming up! Check us out at Pioneer Farms Halloween Event on October 24 at 9PM, and at Wake The Dead Coffee House on October 30 around 10PM.

That's it for now! Have a great rest of the week! ~ A&K

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