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THE STORM WITHIN is coming soon!

We are incredibly excited about the release of our new album, THE STORM WITHIN! It's been a year long project in the making, and we are happy to finally being able to share our new music with you all! If you haven't already heard the songs, you can stream it now on Soundcloud at the link listed here. It will be available for purchase on online music platforms and in a physical CD. >>

We feel that this is our "coming of age" album. We wrote these songs about some more mature topics - breaking out on your own, reflecting back on the past, getting through difficult times, loosing the innocence of childhood -- but in a way that is a positive outlook on those more negative experiences. We feel that it's our best work yet, and our most "relatable" album, since everyone has gone through these experiences at some point in their lives.

We're also excited about celebrating our album release with THREE events in the Austin, San Antonio and Houston areas! We've got some great special guest performers with us for a few of those shows, and we're planning some special things for these events.

Hope you'll take a listen and plan to join us soon!

Much love,

~ A&K

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