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Hello Again + A Highlights Video

Yes, it's been a while! And yes, it seems that we do this sometimes. We post something, and then don't again for a long while. In our last news update, we posted that we were taking a bit of a hiatus to get ready for college. That was last summer, and things have certainly changed since then. We had a good fall semester, and also got back into the groove into performing again. Been kinda busy with both of those, so please forgive the hiatus here on our blog. :(

Our performance schedule has been picking up more in Houston, where we both go to college at the University of Houston. Last Friday, we were part of the UH Got Talent competition with 14 other acts. We made it to the Final Four round, but didn't win it. Our new music friends Juicebox Caviar and Maria Smith won the competition, and we're really happy for them! It was a fun night meeting everyone!

We put together a short highlights video from our performance from the evening. Hope you enjoy! We'll be performing on campus several times during March, so if you're at the university or can make it by, we'd love to see you! Stay tuned to our calendar for details!

~ A&K

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